If you haven’t been to Darlington Holiday Warehouse yet, you are missing out! They have everything you’ll need for the holiday season from decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to gift ideas for any celebration you partake in that’s coming up! Located at 615 West Coliseum, the second you walk in you are overwhelmed with aisle upon aisle of wonderful goodies at unbelievable prices! Pillar candles for under $2? No problem! You’ll find that and more!

Aside from decor and gifts, Darlington Holiday Warehouse also has kitchen utensils, cookware, cookie cutters for your favorite shapes, dish towels, ornaments for the tree, and even some different foods that would be great for hors d’oeuvres during that party you’re planning on throwing. Don’t forget our coupon for one roll of gift wrap or one gift bag for FREE with a $5 purchase! Happy Savings!